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Top 10 Covers of Broadway songs

Using YouTube and other platforms, people with tiny followings or massive followings cover popular Broadway songs. Here are my top 10 favorite covers from YouTube. While this is not representative of every cover on YouTube, there are hundreds of fantastic covers, these are just my top 10. Enjoy!

1. "Waving Through a Window" - Thomas Sanders ft. Dodie and Ben J. Pierce

3. "You Will Be Found" - RANGE a cappella

4. Les Misérables Medley - Lindsey Stirling

5. Newsies Medley- BYU Vocal Point

6. Matilda the Musical Medley (Live) - Spirit YPC

7. "Journey to the Past" - Bri Ray

8. Hamilton in 7 Minutes - RANGE a capella

9. "You'll Be Back" - Caleb Hyles

10. "Only Us" Dear Evan Hansen Cover - vacmusicofficial

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