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Favorite Vloggers Past and Present

Like many Broadway nerds, I watch a lot of the vloggers. Here are my favorites, some which are current as some which are not. Enjoy!

1. Sugar, Butter, Betsy: Backstage at Waitress with Betsy Wolfe- I love this show quite a bit and I really want to see Betsy as Jenna, but for now I'm excited to watch her vlogs as they continue to come out.

2. Pucker Up: Backstage at War Paint with Steffanie Leigh- I discovered Steffanie's vlog shortly before I went to the show and they made me very excited to see it.

3. Welcome to the Rock: Backstage at Come From Away with Jenn Colella- Everyone who knows me knows that I adore this show, and Jenn so this has been my favorite vlog. Jenn was so nice when I met her after I saw the show (the first time) and these are so much fun to watch.

4. Fly Girl: Backstage at Wicked with Lindsay Mendez- This is the oldest vlog on this list, but it is one of my favorites to go back and re-watch because I love Lindsay's Elphaba and the vlogs are always a lot of fun.

5. Make it Happen: Backstage at On Your Feet! with Ana Villafane- This is another fun vlog to watch, especially for me since I saw the show shortly before it closes (on August 20th) and the vlogs are the reason I wanted to see the show.

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