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Review: Jersey Boys at New World Stages

Jersey Boys is a New York theater staple, having run on Broadway for over 10 years and now has made a home off-Broadway at New World Stages, where it's been playing since last November. I think it's safe to say that Jersey Boys will continue to entertain audiences there for years to come.

The production is incredibly well done and at this point, it's like a well-oiled machine: everyone knows what they're doing and they do it so well. I saw Miguel Jarquin-Moreland as Frankie Valli, Nicolas Dromard as Tommy DeVito, Cory Jeacoma as Bob Gaudio, and Dru Serkes as Nick Massi. These guys can really sing, and play these roles incredibly well. The entire cast is incredibly talented as well, and all execute the choreography really well. The simplistic set is complemented by the screen the often comes down, with digital images that complement the scene.

The first act is quite song heavy, but moves quickly thanks to narration. This is a show that would not work without the narration. It is completely driven by the songs and the storytelling, so take the later out and all you have is a tribute concert with a few scenes. I loved that the first act ended in a kind of cliff-hanger because it keeps you as an audience member on your toes. The book is so well written that time feels to fly by. It takes the real life story and pays tribute to it, hitting home for many people as it is a story that is truly about family.

I went in not knowing many of the songs. There were some I would know if I heard them, but I couldn't tell you what they are off the top of my head. However you don't have to be a die-hard fan of the four seasons to enjoy the show. They had the audience clapping and cheering quite often, and by the end everyone was on their feet.

Anyone can enjoy Jersey Boys, and I mean anyone. It's worth the visit and you will leave with a smile on your face, and humming the music for days to come.

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