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First Listen: Carousel Original Revival Cast Recording

While I had mixed feelings on the current revival of Carousel after seeing it, I did want to listen to the cast album to see if I liked it more after some time had passed. Here are my opinions!

1. "The Carousel Waltz" - This song is gorgeous and a beautiful instrumental introduction to the show. It's nice that it was included on the cast album.

2. "Mister Snow" - This is a lovely song, especially because we hear the beautiful voice of Lindsay Mendez. It also gives us a small taste of Jessie Mueller's voice, which is sadly not featured in the show or on the album very much.

3. "If I Loved You" - This starts in a very similar way to "Mister Snow" and is a long song at 9 minutes. It's the first big interaction between Billy and Julie, and she says she's never going to marry, but would marry him if she loved him. Joshua Henry and Jessie Mueller's voices are wonderful. The musical themes throughout the song change several times, and it almost feels like it could be several different songs.

4. "June Is Bustin' Out All Over" - This is one of the most notable songs from Carousel and this version is beautiful. Renee Fleming has a wonderful voice and you can feel the energy in the song.

5. "Mister Snow - Reprise" - I love this reprise, and it's the first time on the album we hear Alexander Gemignani's voice which is incredible.

6. "When The Children Are Asleep" - Mendez and Gemignani sing this so well together and it's one of the better songs in the show. They're talking about their future children and it's a lovely song.

7. "Blow High, Blow Low" - This is another one of the better songs in the show. Amar Ramasar's voice is lovely combined with the male ensemble and the instrumental interludes are beautifully sweeping.

8. "Soliloquy" - In this song Billy is wondering what his son or daughter will think of him. Joshua Henry sings it so well, and while it's not my favorite song, it is nice and Henry's voice is incredibly powerful.

9. "This Was A Real Nice Clambake" - This is a great ensemble number, with the entire cast singing. It's well done and we get to hear more of Jessie Mueller's voice.

10. "What's The Use of Wond'rin'?" - This is the first time in a while where Julie Jordan has a decent part. Mueller's soprano is gorgeous and she sings this song so well, despite it being a slightly sad song.

11. "You'll Never Walk Alone" - Probably the most iconic song from Carousel, (and one of the shortest), Renee Fleming sings this so well. It's one of the better songs and it's been done very well in this recording.

12. "The Highest Judge of All" - This song has a gorgeous instrumental background, and it's when Billy is singing about wanting to be judged by the Highest Judge of All. It's not one of my favorite songs, and I completely forgot about it between seeing the show and listening to the recording. Despite the power in Henry's voice and his good performance it's just not a very memorable number.

13. "Ballet" - The longest song on the recording at over 10 minutes, the true beauty of the Carousel Orchestra is shown. It's very easy to see why they had Justin Peck from New York City Ballet choreograph the show because this piece is very reminiscent of many ballets.

14. "Finale: You'll Never Walk Alone - Reprise" - This is a lovely way to end the show, reprising the most well-known song from the show. Fleming's voice is complemented with the voices of Mueller, Henry, and Brittany Pollack.

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