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Reaction to Moulin Rouge

As a massive Aaron Tveit and Karen Olivo fan, imagine my excitement when I discovered they would be in Moulin Rouge. Since the news was first released I've been immensely excited for the production, and now that I will officially be seeing it next month, it seemed fitting to write down my honest reaction to what has been released.

1. Welcome to the Moulin Rouge! (Trailer) - This trailer captured my attention immediately. With the promises it makes about the story and the little hints of music, it just gives a taste of what's to come but makes me want to see it even more.

2. Sonya Tayeh and the Choreography of Moulin Rouge - This was a bit of a sneak peek into the choreography for the show which looks incredible. It seems like it will be a very dance heavy show, but definitely not in a bad way. With the setting and storyline, I think the variety of dance styles will work well and help bring the storytelling to a new level.

3. "Come What May" (Official Video) Featuring Aaron Tveit - This is the first proper look/listen into the show's music. Tveit's voice is absolutely perfect for the song and it makes me incredibly excited for the score. The songs are iconic ones from the movie as well as new ones that have been released since. I love the music from the movie, and I can't wait to hear what other songs have been chosen to supplement the existing ones.

I truly can't wait to see this show live, and my hope is that it will make it to Broadway. It seems like an incredible production and something that will do incredibly well.

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