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Review: Head Over Heels, for the third time

Some shows have music that is so infectious, and performances that are so mesmerizing that you'll want to go back again and again. That has no become the case for me with Head Over Heels, the musical that blends a 16th century story with the energetic music of the Go-Go's.

The cast gives strong performances in what seems like something that might not work. But my love for the show has only grown with each visit, as has my admiration for what the cast does.

No matter the fate of the show, it is sure to make a star of Bonnie Milligan who is a fierce belter that can pull of the comedy with the same grace. I also hope it turns Alexandra Socha and Taylor Iman Jones into bigger stars, as their vocals in "Good Girl" and "Vacation", respectively, could probably blow the roof off the Hudson Theatre.

Also bound to be a bigger name is choreographer Spencer Liff, who put some of the most complex, yet incredible choreography on stage. Coupled with the talented ensemble members who practically dance for their lives through the show, it's a winning part of the production.

If you have the chance, do not miss Head Over Heels. The message of love and acceptance is incredible, and one you won't find so clearly in other places. It's unforgettable, and, like me, you may fall "Head Over Heels" in love with it.

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