When to (and When Not to) Splurge on a Show

November 1, 2018

When looking to see award winning hits like Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, or Wicked, it can be that you should be prepared to shell out a decent amount of money to make it happen. However there are easy ways to figure out when you can spend a little less, and still have an incredible experience. 


1. Check discount websites - If a shows is on at least one of the discount sits (BroadwayBox, TodayTix, etc.) then there are likely good discounts for it. Do some research and compare the deals based on when you want to go. Some shows will give discounts for weekday shows, while others will have a discount during previews. 


2. Only buy from verified sellers - When you click on tickets via a show's official website, it will take you to either Telecharge or Ticketmaster. If you're buying online, these are the only places you should really buy from, but TodayTix is a notable exception. Avoid sites like StubHub, where the prices look good but the fees practically double the cost. 


3. So when should you splurge? - If you have one show in mind for your next visit to Broadway, that is a good excuse to spend some money on it. Additionally, if it's one that's hard to get tickets to, waiting won't necessarily help you save money. If you want to save a little bit though go directly to the box office. You'll bypass the fees and service charges and they'll help you get the best view for your price range. 


4. So when should you not splurge? - If the show is newer (in previews) or is somewhat of an unknown entity, it's good to try and save some money. At many theaters tickets start under forty dollars, and the mezzanine seats are not bad. If you're still unsure, there's a website called A View From My Seat, where you will find others' photos from the venue. Also look up seating charts to get the best idea of where your seat will be. 




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