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Review: All I Want for Christmas is Theatre

As the holidays come around again and the year winds down, there is always so much to reflect on. We've spent over nine months without theater, hoping the inevitable extensions to stay at home orders would end and allow live theater to return. However, at least for this holiday season, it was not meant to be. Despite the ever changing restrictions and uncertainty of what lies ahead, Thespie presented a delightful holiday concert, reminding us of the magic of theater and bringing just a bit more joy into the lives of everyone watching.

Featuring performances from those who have been on the West End in shows like Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, Six, &Juliet, and more; it's impossible to watch without a smile on your face. And it's difficult to single out a single moment from the recording, as the forty person cast featured some of the best stars of the West End, all sharing their talents through tightly sung harmonies, cute choreography, and demonstrating a clear love for what they do. In a season when joy should be abundant, here you will find more than enough joy and hope for one person. And that is hope for the future of theater as it proves the capability of those we see on stage to adapt and take extra measures in order to share performances with the rest of the world.

So, as a new year begins and we look towards the return of live theater, this concert offers something for everyone. From all classic carols with not a single bad song selection, to sweet moments of the performers sharing their favorite holiday memories and hopes for 2021, it makes the holiday season just a bit brighter.


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