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Review: Groundhog Day starring Andy Karl

Groundhog Day, a musical based of the Bill Murray movie was one of the most surprising things to come out of the 2016-2017 Broadway season. One thing I've noticed is that it can be difficult to make a musical based off a movie. Some examples include Amelie, and 9 to 5. But Groundhog Day actually succeeds in more ways than one.

Andy Karl and Barrett Doss are the glue that hold the cast together, as we see the most of them on stage. Karl does a great job of carrying most of the show as Phil, the arrogant weatherman and Doss who plays Rita, his producer for the shoot, alongside the rest of the cast, are incredible at really making you feel like you're watching the same day over and over again.

One of the standouts in the show is Rebecca Faulkenberry who plays Nancy. Her solo song "Playing Nancy" at the top of the second act is one of my favorite songs in the show and she sings it beautifully. I had the chance to interview her after the show, and you'll get to see that tomorrow.

Another one of my favorite songs from the show is "Philanthropy". In this song, Phil realizes that he should help people instead of being a jerk. From the choreography, to the song itself, to the energy the company brings to the song, it is one of the most memorable songs from the show.

If you can, get to the August Wilson Theatre to see Groundhog Day before it closes on September 17th. It is a very unique theater going experience, and thanks to the cast and creative team you will spend a night laughing quite a bit.

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