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Review: The Play That Goes Wrong

The Play That Goes Wrong welcomed a new cast in September, and when I went back to the show for a friend's birthday to see the show, I was blown away.

In my opinion, a new actor can bring new life to a show. I loved the show when I saw it the first time, and the Brits who created the show in England were certainly comfortable in their parts with the Broadway transfer. However, the new cast brings a unmistakable energy and new life to the production, while making it their own.

Each cast member puts their own stamp on their part, making it their own. Without fail, every stunt is hilarious and they show as a whole is executed beautifully. Because the whole cast changed at once, not as slowly as usually happens, I wondered how they would work together and they certainly did a fantastic job. They seemed to be a very bonded cast and they worked together on stage beautifully.

The show itself, still reigns as Broadway's longest running play (among those that are currently playing on Broadway), and is just as funny as it was when it opened, and from what I could see the night I was there, it is still playing to large crowds.

The Tony Award winning set works marvelously, as the actors work incredibly hard against it to get to the curtain call.

I would recommend this show to anyone. The whole premise of the show is having a good laugh, and every single person could use that and would certainly enjoy the Tony and Olivier Award winning production.

For tickets and more information click here.

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