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Review: The Book of Mormon

Where to begin with The Book of Mormon? One of the Broadway shows that sells out nearly every day, and the only show I'm aware of that has yet to change their playbill, The Book of Mormon has been making audiences roar with laughter since the show opened with Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad over 6 years ago.

Containing several memorable songs such as "You and Me (But Mostly Me)", "Two by Two", and "Turn it Off" the crude humor has kept audiences laughing, and had me laughing as well. It follows two Mormon missionaries as they are sent to Africa to preach the Mormon religion, where the success rate of converting people has so far been zero, satirizing various Mormon beliefs and and practices along the way.

Now I will admit, my face during most of the first act probably looked like I'd been hit in the face with a pile of bricks. It is a shocking show, but by the second act I'd gotten over it, only to find myself in shock once again. One of the things I certainly can appreciate about the show is that it keeps audiences on their toes.

The cast is one of the most put together on Broadway with beautiful harmony, dancing, and spirit that bring the story to life so well. The energy and dedication put on stage is incredibly admirable and very well done.

So will I be returning to The Book of Mormon? While I do have some of the songs on a playlist, I don't see myself back at the theater anytime soon. While I can appreciate the crude humor and jokes, it is certainly and experience the anyone who sees the show can remember for a long time.

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