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Reaction to seeing Anastasia again

Anastasia has quickly become one of my favorite shows, something I hadn't expected. I saw the show back in June, and loved it just as much (even a little more) the second time around.

Since my last visit to the show, Ramin Karimloo who played Gleb originally left the show and has been replaced with Max Von Essen, who has also been seen in An American in Paris. Gleb was created for the show, an officer of the Russian Revolution, intent on ensuring that there would be no more Romanovs. Von Essen puts his own mark on the role, playing the part incredibly well. Christy Altomare, Derek Klena, John Bolton, Mary Beth Peil, Caroline O'Connor, and Nicole Scimeca still make up the rest of the main cast, supported by and absolutely incredible ensemble who are able to play a variety of roles very, very, well.

One of the things I continued to notice as I was at the show, is that there are historical references that make it in, which not all people would know. In previous posts I mentioned the reference to Alexei's illness. The real Alexei had Hemophilia, meaning his blood would not clot and he could easily have an injury become life threatening. This briefly depicted in the show when he falls, and everyone stops and rushes to his side. Another bit hidden in the show is how the Dowager Empress did not get along with Tsarina Alexandra. In the first scene of the show, keen eyes will see that there is tension between the pair, for the only time the two characters are onstage together.

The show is one of best shows on Broadway, and for good reason. Everything from the singing, dancing, costumes, and acting are done so amazingly well. I recommend it to everyone because everyone will enjoy it.

For tickets and more information, click here.

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