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Review: The Parisian Woman, starring Uma Thurman

Politics is a touchy subject. But Beau Willimon's one act play The Parisian Woman, gives an interesting outlook on the current political situation. Starring Uma Thurman in her Broadway debut, the story centers on Chloe (played by Thurman), and is set in Washington D.C., where powerful friends are the only ones worth having after the 2016 election.

Also starring Philippa Soo, Josh Lucas, Blair Brown, and Martin Csokas, the five person cast is almost electric with it's humor and wit that keep the audience engaged the entire time. However, at the heart of the play is, unsurprisingly, Thurman's character, Chloe who becomes one of the most complex characters I've seen in a play across 90 minutes.

There are jokes about the president's Twitter habits thrown around, and names of the administration are thrown around like no big deal, though the president is rarely referred to by name. Thurman's character seems to display a sense of impatience with how the country is being run. Soo's characters Rebecca offers the solution as she seems to represent the younger generation, unhappy with the situation she has been placed in.

The play was originally written in 2013, but after the 2016 election was updated. When it opened it was reported that the information in the show would be updated to reflect current events. It's a clever premise and incredibly well written work that certainly appeals to audiences, as the house was packed. If you can, go see this show before it closes on March 11th. You will not regret it, I can promise you that. But since it's set in Washington D.C., there is the question that looms: "why is it called The Parisian Woman?" well, you'll have to go and find out.

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