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Seeing Anastasia again (and again...)

Anastasia has quickly gained itself a spot in my Top 10 favorite shows. The story, music, and overall production keep audiences like myself going back.

Since my second review, I've seen the show twice more. One of the things I've discovered is that the show continues to surprise me in how much I can like it. Every time I have been to the show I've started to like the music more and more - which is a true testament to how amazing Ahrens and Flaherty's score is. Unsurprisingly, I find myself feeling the same way with the other Ahrens and Flaherty musical currently playing on Broadway - Once on this Island.

As the show approaches the one year anniversary of its official opening (it has already celebrated the one year anniversary since previews started), cast members will inevitably begin to leave. Yesterday marked the final performance for Derek Klena as Dmitry and Caroline O'Connor as Countess Lily. I have had the privilege of seeing these two remarkable actors work their magic in this show four times. Both of them are immensely talented and have made the parts their own. While I was immediately struck by O'Connor's performance the first time I saw the show, it took longer for me to have a great appreciation for Klena's performance. He has an incredible, clear voice that is well suited to the score of the show. O'Connor's energy and joie de vivre onstage has been one of the most wonderful performances in theater. They both have left their mark on the show. After "My Petersburg" during the first act, the applause lasted longer than I had ever seen. Both Klena and O'Connor were in their element during the entire show and it was clear they enjoyed it.

The show is a beautiful one and it will see Zach Adkins take on the role of Dmitry while Vicki Lewis will take over as Countess Lily. Adkins has been Klena's understudy and it will wonderful to see what he does with the part. Anastasia marks Lewis' return to Broadway since her turn in Chicago. It will be wonderful to see what she does with the role of Lily.

Anastasia continues to run at the Broadhurst Theatre and will soon have its one year anniversary in April. It is a wonderful production for anyone to see, and I sincerely recommend it to anyone.

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