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Reaction to seeing Escape to Margaritaville again

About a month and a half after seeing it for the first time, I ventured back to the Marquis Theatre for another round of Escape to Margaritaville. Having seen it in previews initially, I was curious to see if anything had changed but I was also in the movie for a feel good story that would let me leave in a good mood.

I was a little sad to see that the theater was not very full. I was in the mezzanine so I could see the orchestra, but the mezzanine was sadly not full. After opening, a lot of the reviews were not great and I think people aren't taking the opportunity to see the show because of that.

I enjoyed it even more than I had the first time. There were a few changes, but nothing that made a scene worse. The cast still seemed to be having so much fun onstage and this is another show with ensemble standouts. They dance so well during "License to Chill" and I have no clue how they're not breathless afterwards - it's incredible!

Paul Alexander Nolan and Alison Luff still have such great chemistry - they work really well together onstage and when combined with Eric Petersen and Lisa Howard the four of them are incredibly together onstage.

I really hope more people will go and experience Margaritaville. The music is timeless and you don't have to be a huge fan to enjoy it. Plus - you can even get a margarita.

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