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Review: Waitress, starring Katharine McPhee

Waitress has become a mainstay on Broadway since its debut in spring 2016. Audiences quickly fell in love with Jenna, a waitress and pie maker who dreams her way out of her small town and loveless marriage. With a baking contest and new doctor in town she sees hope for the future, while her fellow waitresses provide her with some happiness during difficult times.

In the year that has passed since I first saw the show, it has only grown on me. I found myself able to appreciate the production more as I was already familiar with it, and I even came to like it a bit more.

Katharine McPhee of "Smash" (NBC) fame has now made her Broadway debut as Jenna, after playing a woman with Broadway dreams. I was curious to see how McPhee would tackle the role, especially since it has an emotional arc. To my delight, she was absolutely phenomenal in the part. I loved "Smash" when it came out and had been hoping she would eventually make the leap to Broadway. Jenna is a perfect part for her and she brings a vulnerability to the part that makes the emotional arc she goes on even more impactful. Some of her best moments were during "She Used To Be Mine" and "Everything Changes", and the audience certainly agreed -- the applause went on for a while!

The music is as good as ever and will probably never get old. Sara Bareilles' score is incredibly well done and suits the story so well. It should also be noted that McPhee and the rest of the cast sing it so well! There's also not a single bad song in the show.

The show is heartwarming and uplifting, something everyone can enjoy. Katharine McPhee recently extended her time at the diner, and after a break will be back as Jenna from July 5th until August 19th. If you can see her in the show, I highly recommend it!

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