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Broadway By The Year: 1988 and 2017

Broadway By The Year has just wrapped up it's eighteenth season with the Broadway musicals of 1988 and 2017. It was a fun night filled with songs from long running shows, flops, and some underappreciated shows.

Scott Siegel is the creator, director, writer, and host of Broadway By The Year. For the last concert of the season, he pulled together the amazing talents of Farah Alvin, Rebecca Faulkenberry, Danny Gardner, Marina Jurica, William Michals, and Brian Charles Rooney, alongside the BBTY Chorus and a group of incredibly talented dancers.

The first half featured songs from The Phantom of the Opera, Chess, Legs Diamond, and Carrie. Everything was beautifully sung, however "I'm Not Alone" from Carrie was the standout, sung by Farah Alvin. Carrie was a flop when it premiered on Broadway, though it did have an off-Broadway production a few years ago. The song is stunning, and Alvin did a fantastic job with it.

The second half brought us just to a few months ago with musicals that bowed on Broadway in 2017. Not only did they take a leap with arrangement from Prince of Broadway, songs were included from Bandstand, The Band's Visit, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Groundhog Day, Come From Away, Anastasia, and SpongeBob Squarepants. I was delighted to see that the selection from Prince of Broadway were included, largely because I adored that show. And while Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was not the best thing I've ever seen, Brian Charles Rooney was fabulously in character and did a wonderful job singing "It Must Be Believed to Be Seen". It was so nice to have Rebecca Faulkenberry sing her song "Playing Nancy" from Groundhog Day, and I absolutely loved her rendition of "Love Will Come and Find Me Again" from Bandstand.

Broadway By The Year is such a special thing because it celebrates shows that may often be overlooked or forgotten about as times passes. After a wonderful evening, you can bet that I'll be returning for next season's concerts.

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