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Seeing Anastasia Again

I marked my fifth time at the musical Anastasia when I returned at the end of July, to finally see Zach Adkins and Vicki Lewis in the roles of Dimitri and Countess Lily, respectively.

I didn't think I would be back to Anastasia but I went, and was pleased to see that even with new additions to the cast, it still has the same heart and the induces the same awe that it did the first time.

Adkins and Lewis both put their own spin on the characters. Adkins' portrayal of Dimitri is softer and you're more sympathetic for the character. His voice brings a lighter quality to the music, and a more hopeful feel to songs like "My Petersburg".

Lewis brings out the funnier side of Countess Lily, and is at her best when shuffling around with a vodka bottle in her mouth during "Land of Yesterday", while some jokes don't land as well, she still brings charm and natural flair to the part. Additionally her chemistry with John Bolton is perfect, and the two play off each other very well.

Over a year after opening, Anastasia is still a wonderful show. Many people will love the story even if they are new to it.

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