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Beyond Broadway: Newsies and Once Upon A Mattress

This month, my trips to the theater extended beyond broadway and off-broadway. At the Warner Theatre in Torrington, Connecticut I saw a production of Newsies and I saw the Blue Hill Troupe's production of Once Upon a Mattress.

Everyone knows that I am a massive fan of Newsies, and have been for several years now. However, I had never it live, so when the opportunity came up to see it, I was incredibly excited. What blew me away was the talent onstage. The cast was made up of people of all ages, and everyone, especially the leads, were incredible to watch. They were clearly enjoying themselves while performing, and the amount of work they put into the show left me very impressed.

I've been attending Blue Hill Troupe productions for many years, and was intrigued when I heard that Once Upon a Mattress would be their fall show. Having only heard the song "Shy" before, I was excited to hear it in the context of the show, as well as learn more about the show. It really is musical comedy and with most shows leaning towards the dramatic side lately (with the exceptions of some musical comedies and jukebox musicals), it was quite fun to see a classic show that made everyone in the audience laugh.

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