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Review: Wicked, starring Jessica Vosk and Katie Rose Clarke

In October 2018, Wicked turned fifteen, and surpassed A Chorus Line to become the sixth longest running Broadway show. So I decided it was time for a visit back to the halls of Shiz University, to see the origin story of Elphaba and Glinda again.

The show is in excellent shape, especially with Jessica Vosk and Katie Rose Clark at the helm as Elphaba and Glinda, respectively. The pair have excellent chemistry and excellent voices, making them both powerhouses on stage. Their vocal skill rivals that of the original recording, making one wish that the performances could be preserved forever. Alongside Jake Boyd as Fiyero, Nancy Opel as Madame Morrible, Kevin Chamberlin as The Wizard, Jesse JP Johnson as Boq, and Kristen Martin as Nessarose, as well as the fabulous ensemble, the show is the best I've ever seen it.

When a show runs for as long as Wicked, with no signs of slowing down, you have to ask what makes it so special. The show's story of friendship, accepting differences, and creating your own path is one that resonated with many people when it first opened, and still does all these years later. Wicked has become a classic, not to mention that it's a worldwide phenomenon. And there are many people that it has changed for good.

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