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Review: 42nd Street in Cinemas

Three words. Extraordinary tap dancing! In the recent West End Revival of 42nd Street: The Musical which filmed and recently screened in movie theaters, you get to see everything that makes a musical as perfect as it can get.

From the large group dance numbers, to the sets, to the wonderful casting; it was a joy to see 42nd Street the way it should be seen. This production, which closed earlier this year in London is a beautiful presentation of a classic show that, if you were to sum in up in one word, is glorious. It was worth the evening out to the movie theater just to see the ending, with every cast member dancing their hearts out with a grandiose fervor about them, complete with the shimmering and splendid sequined costumes.

While you can no longer see 42nd Street in London's West End, you will be able to find it on BroadwayHD, where it began streaming after the initial cinema screening. But maybe, if we're lucky, this show will grace the screens of our movie theaters again. Or, better yet, the stage of a Broadway house.

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