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Reaction to Seeing Mean Girls Again

It's always fun to revisit shows when I haven't seen them in a long time, especially one as fun as Mean Girls. While I saw it three times when it opened last year, a long break from seeing it and the need for a clever and uplifting musical brought me back to the world Tina Fey created on a Sunday night.

Though it has been a while since Mean Girls opened, movie to musical adaptions aren't becoming any less frequent. And it is nice to see that this one is holding up over a year since it's opening night. What makes it stand out is that it takes a movie that has become a cult classic, and with the original creator, updates it for current times while retaining everything that made people fall in love with it in the first place. Oh, and with some singing and dancing thrown in their for good measure!

When I first reviewed Mean Girls, I said that it left the audience with a deeper message about kindness and how one should treat the people around them. I've found that these words are still true as ever. If possible, the show's future is still just as bright as it was a year ago, and while it just looks like another high school story on the surface, all of the lessons it teaches one and the message it sends still rings just as true.

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