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Review: Evita at New York City Center

What's new Buenos Aires? Two of Eva Perón! In New York City Center's gala presentation of Evita, the original vision of the show's creators is honored by having two actresses split the title role to much success. Alongside Jason Gotay's greek chorus/narrator like portrayal of Che, the minimalistic production was stuffed with symbolism and a clever display of a less revived Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice musical.

Solea Pfeiffer and Maia Reficco beautifully split the title role. What made this production especially clever is the use of both actresses throughout, despite the fact that they played Eva at different ages. Both actresses also sing Lloyd Webber's score incredibly well, while Pfeiffer especially shined during "A New Argentina" and "Don't Cry for Me Argentina."

City Center's gala presentations are always special productions, both because of the talent they assemble, and the productions that are put on. Evita is no exception. While the production may have felt a little lacking in certain aspects, namely scenic design, it still was a treat to see Evita in a more modern and minimalistic production, especially with the sheer talent on stage.

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