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Review: Tina - The Tina Turner Musical, starring Adrienne Warren

There's only one Tina Turner, and she is undoubtedly an icon. Yet Adrienne Warren, who portrays her in the new bio musical on Broadway, is a star in her own right as she absolutely owns the stage of the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre while telling the story of Turner's life, from hardship to stardom.

The audience is first introduced to Turner as the young Anna Mae in Nutbush Tennessee. In her Broadway debut, Skye Turner shines while portraying the difficulties in Turner's childhood. However in true bio musical fashion, it's not long before Warren takes over and portrays Turner as her career begins when she meets Ike Turner (Daniel J. Watts).

While most bio musicals show the beginning of an artists career as the high point in their lives, Tina chooses to be completely open about what Turner suffered while being with Ike, with book writer Katori Hall grounding the story in Turner's determination to move on, despite the things she endured. As the show progresses into the second act, and towards Turner's career without Ike, it beautifully moves to the final concert, when Warren's talents are on full display.

Without Adrienne Warren, the show couldn't be what it is. She is giving a performance worthy of awards, and one that captures the spirit and the beauty of Turner and her music to boot. It's a beautiful celebration of her life and her music, and by the time the show ends you will want it to begin all over again.

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