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Reaction to Frozen

Disney Theatrical Productions is debuting its latest Broadway musical soon and that is Frozen. With the official trailer having been released recently, I decided to watch it and give my honest reaction.

The rehearsal clips show a fancy production that has obviously pulled out all the stops. This is very similar to other Disney productions, making it not a very big surprise.

Based off the description by the creative team, they have taken the animated film and given it more depth and meaning. Hopefully this implies that the characters will become more relatable in today's world and that there will moments that everyone in the audience can understand and associate with.

The choreography appears big and beautiful reminiscent of other Disney on Broadway productions such as Aladdin which has quite a few large dance numbers.

Based off the press release, we know that it is the first and only version of Frozen that expands upon and deepens the plot. In other words, this is not Frozen Live at the Hyperion.

With all of this in mind, I expect Frozen to quickly become a Broadway hotspot, as it is one of the most popular animated Disney films. I also expect to hear "Let It Go" a lot more often. If the show does in fact live up to the hype and the claims being made about it, it will likely become another Disney mainstay on the Great White Way.

Frozen has it's premiere in Denver from August 17 - October 1. It will make its Broadway bow in Spring of 2018 at the St. James Theatre.

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