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Shows I'm Hoping to See on Tour

I have the great fortune to not only live a 15 minute subway ride from the center of Times Square but to have a second home about an hour away from where many shows stop on tour. Bearing this in mind, there are several shows I'm hoping to see on tour in the near future.

1. Les Miserables - I'm actually reading the novel right now (not because I'm being forced to) but because I wanted to. I've watched the movie many times, and listened to album many times. With all that, I'm hoping to see the show live very soon.

2. The Color Purple - I'm still kicking myself for missing this fantastic production while it was on Broadway last year. While it obviously doesn't have the same cast, I'm really hoping to be able to see it on tour.

3. Something Rotten - Another production that I'm very sad I didn't get to see on Broadway, I'm really hoping I get to see this. I am a fan of some Shakespeare and I've wanted to see this show for ages.

4. Love Never Dies - While this show hasn't made it's Broadway debut yet, it is the sequel to Phantom of the Opera which I love. As a result I really want to see what the world of Phantom and Christine would look like after the events of the original production.

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