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Some of the Nicest Actors I've Met

Because I've begun to stage door a lot more then I did when I started seeing shows, I've been able to meet some wonderful people. Because my list was already pretty long, I haven't been able to include everyone I would have wanted to on this list, but I can confidently say that (at the time of writing this) I haven't had any bad stage door experiences with actors.

1. Brandon Uranowitz was so sweet when I met him after Prince of Broadway. It had told him he did a fantastic job and that he was amazing (which he was in my opinion) and he was very nice to not just me, but the other people waiting.

2. Kaley Ann Voorhees is so incredibly kind. I also met her after Prince of Broadway and after I loved her portrayal of Christine, I told that she was an absolutely perfect Christine in my eyes. What hadn't fully registered in my mind at the time was that she was the youngest actress to ever play Christine and made her Broadway debut that way. She told me that it meant a lot to her, and after reading about her audition process later, I have no doubt in my mind that I was right in my judgement of her performance. Because to keep a show running for 30 years, they have to pick the best.

3. Jenn Colella is such a lovely person. I met her after I saw Come From Away for the first time. She was kind enough to take a picture with me, and happy to hear that I like her blog. She was nice to everyone waiting, always enthusiastic and happy. For me, that is the mark of a genuinely lovely person.

4. Beanie Feldstein was so nice when I met her after seeing Hello, Dolly! She made her Broadway debut with the show and was so nice to everyone on the line, complimenting people and so happy to sign. She is so talented and I'm very glad I've had the chance to meet her.

5. This is going to encompass several people because I met them all the same night. When my friend and I went to Anastasia we met a great deal of the cast. However, some of the nicest were Christy Altomare, John Bolton, Ramin Karimloo, and Derek Klena. I took pictures with Christy, Ramin, and Derek and they were all so lovely. When we told John Bolton how much we liked the show, he took a minute to say how proud they all were of the show and how much they loved doing it. They are all so nice and incredibly talented.

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