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Experience Using Broadway Roulette

Broadway Roulette is a service that allows people to choose a date, eliminate four options, and find out what show they're seeing the morning of. Needless to say, I was excited yet terrified as I waited for the Friday morning when I would discover what show I would get to see.

And what did I see? The Phantom of the Opera!

I received a text around 11 A.M. that morning, alerting me to that fact. I also received pick up instructions. Since the Majestic Theatre is across the street from Sardi's (one of the best restaurants in the theater district), we met a representative there where we were given our tickets. We had seats in the front mezzanine, several rows from the front. And the seats were fantastic! Unlike my first time seeing Phantom, when I sat in the rear mezzanine, the front mezzanine seats were great. We didn't miss anything a didn't have to lean forwards to get a better view which I think is definitely a win.

So without question I enjoyed the show, but what about the service? Would I use it again? First off, the customer service and getting the tickets were both great. The excitement towards finding out what show we were seeing kept both myself and who I went with on pins and needles for the days leading up to it. One of the things I really like about the company is that if you've already seen a show with them, you automatically won't have it as an option when you spin the wheel again and you still get four eliminations.

I would definitely spin the wheel again, purely to have a night out on Broadway with some suspense. It makes for a fun treat and you could discover a show you really love.

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