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Reaction to seeing Mean Girls again

I've fallen in love with Mean Girls since seeing it the first time, and I just had to go again. Tina Fey's hilarious book combined with the music and lyrics of Jeff Richmond and Nell Benjamin, plus a stellar cast make this show so much fun, and an amazing piece of theater.

After seeing the cast work it's magic for the second time, I was incredibly sure that they deserved many nominations. Taylor Louderman is electric onstage, and clearly enjoys playing the evil Regina. Barrett Wilbert Weed is an absolute powerhouse. The night before I returned to the show she had performed on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the song "Rather Be Me" had dropped on Spotify. I spent much of the day leading up to seeing the show listening to the song, because it's really good and because her voice blows me a way every single time.

In some shows, you find that you can't take your eyes of certain ensemble members. In Mean Girls, that ensemble member is Ben Cook. A former Newsie, he can flip all around the stage, and he is an incredibly dancer. It's so awesome to see a show with standouts in the ensemble, and it makes me hope that the Tony Awards will soon recognize ensemble performers.

Mean Girls has quickly become one of the most popular shows currently running, playing to almost 100% capacity or more each week. For any fans of the movie, Tina Fey, or those who are curious, the show is absolutely worth the price tag. They aimed to teach the audience a lesson - and they succeeded. You will leave the show happy, and wanting to go again. I've already booked the next trip to North Shore High for myself.

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