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First Listen: Mean Girls Original Broadway Cast Album

1. "A Cautionary Tale" - This song introduces us to Janis and Damian as the narrators of the tale. The point is to caution the listener and tell them not to make the same mistakes that Cady did.

2. "It Roars" - Here were are introduced to Cady, our main character. It describes Cady's feeling of being relatively out of place and longing for friends. Once she gets to high school, it describes her attempt to make friends in seemingly set friend groups that don't want to open up.

3. "Where Do You Belong?" - In this song, Janis and Damian return telling Cady all about the individual cliques at the school from Show Choir to Mathletes and everything in between. This is also where they offer to be Cady's friends, something she happily agrees to.

4. "Meet The Plastics" - Our first introduction Regina George and her wannabes comes in the form of this song. Each has their own melody as we learn about them. Their melodies allow us to know things about their personalities and we get to see how they work as a unit.

5. "Stupid With Love" - Here Cady sings about being terrible at being in love. It's a cute song that also introduces us to Aaron Samuels, the guy she has a crush on who also is Regina's ex-boyfriend.

6. "Apex Predator" - I love this song. Janis flips Cady's jungle metaphors around on her, calling Regina the 'apex predator' and saying that no one is safe from her. Powerful vocals from Barrett Wilbert Weed and Erika Henningsen make this songs absolutely incredible and this song has been performed on the Today Show for their Best of Broadway week.

Above: Mean Girls cast performing "Apex Predator" on the Today Show

7. "What's Wrong With Me?" - This song is awesome because it gives the audience a glimpse into Gretchen's head, something that doesn't happen in the movie. Also, Ashley Park sings it flawlessly.

8. "Stupid With Love (Reprise)" - In this song, Cady thinks she gets being in love when she acts dumb in math. It acknowledges the common stereotype that girls have to be dumb to get guys, but in a way that normally isn't shown in pop culture.

9. "Sexy" - Probably one of the funniest songs in the show, it's Karen's time to shine. She decides that she wants to have world peace and for it to be Halloween all the time, eventually transitioning into how girls can be whoever they want to be while still being sexy. It's comedic and fun number that gets a lot of laughs.

10. "Someone Gets Hurt" - This is the first time in the show that we get into Regina's head and see her as manipulative. After saying she'll talk to Aaron for Cady, she manipulates him to win him back. It also demonstrates the full power of Taylor Louderman's voice for the first time in the show and it's absolutely incredible.

Above: Taylor Louderman, Kyle Selig, and ensemble members perform "Someone Gets Hurt" at Stars in the Alley 2018.

11. "Revenge Party" - This is another song I love, and it's one where Barrett Wilbert Weed and Grey Henson shine. They plan to help Cady get revenge on Regina for taking Aaron back and it's a really fun and creative number.

12. "Fearless" - The last song before intermission, this song tells us that Regina is no longer in charge and teaches the other girls to be fearless in regards to standing up to people. It's a high to end the act on and almost ominous as it ends with a brief reprise of "Someone Gets Hurt".

13. "Stop" - This is the first song since "Where Do You Belong?" that is really Damian's and it's another showstopper! He's trying to tell Cady to stop obsessing over Aaron and uses stories from various girls to back up his reasoning, ending with a decently timely lesson on how to use social media.

14. "What's Wrong With Me (Reprise)" - Now, Gretchen isn't the only one wondering what people think is wrong with her. Mrs. George is wondering why Regina lashes out at her and Gretchen is wondering why Cady seems to be brushing her off.

15. "Whose House Is This?" - This one is really quite funny. Gretchen plans a party for Cady at Cady's house and many people show up, unsure of whose house they're in. Even Cady is confused, since she didn't expect that many people to be at her house. It fulfills the stereotypical high school party and is a fun number.

16. "More is Better" - Not only does this set up the theme of stars (later seen in the last song), but it becomes Cady's downfall in a way. Being too drunk to know what she's saying, Cady lets it slip to Aaron that she only pretended to be dumb to get him to talk to her. He questions why she didn't just talk to her. It's a little sad, but it's a great song and crucial to the storyline.

17. "Someone Gets Hurt (Reprise)" - In the small amount of time that is 49 seconds, Barrett Wilbert Weed basically breaks the listener's heart. She is upset that Cady had a party, ditched her event, and is pretending to be her friend. While the first two time we here this song it ends with "till someone gets hurt", here it ends with Damian saying "and I want my pink shirt", implying that someone was already hurt and that someone is Janis.

18. "World Burn" - After regrouping from losing her friends, Regina decides that she wants to watch the world burn. She adds her own name to the Burn Book and photocopies it, spreading those copies around the entire school. It results in chaos and ends up continuing Cady's downfall.

19. "I'd Rather Be Me" - I absolutely love this song. Janis sings this when all the junior girls are saying things they're sorry for. It becomes an anthem against bullying and Barrett Wilbert Weed's flawless performance is one of the best of the 2017-18 season.

Above: Barrett Wilbert Weed performing "I'd Rather Be Me" on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

20. "Do This Thing" - This comes when Cady finally realizes that she needs to be part of things she's good at -- like Mathletes! She joins Kevin G and his fellow mathletes (played by Ben Cook and Nikhil Saboo) at nationals where they win, helping Cady to realize that she needs to accept everyone and helps her redeem herself in one way.

21. "I See Stars" - This is another one of my favorite songs in the show. Cady, Aaron, and the Mathletes crash the Spring Fling where Cady wins Spring Fling Queen. In her acceptance she says that everyone is incredible and deserves to be seen. It's a wonderful way to end the show, with a message of forgiveness and inclusion.

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