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American Ballet Theatre: Swan Lake and Don Quixote

One of the most recognizable buildings in New York City is the Met Opera House. And for several weeks each spring, it is the home of the American Ballet Theatre as they put on a different ballet each week.

I attended both Swan Lake and Don Quixote, two of the last ballets of the season. While very different, both of them were absolutely beautiful.

The night I attended Swan Lake, Isabella Boylston and Daniil Simkin danced the principal roles. Both are incredible dancers and are well paired together. The ballet itself is a classic, and I had seen it several years ago. The music soars in the Met, and the orchestra is phenomenal. I was greatly impressed by the corps dancers, largely because they are on stage so much and are always beautifully in sync.

When I went to see Don Quixote, the principal roles were danced by Christine Shevchenko and James Whiteside. They are also well paired, and danced the parts beautifully. Compared to Swan Lake, Don Quixote is much more comedic and it was fun to watch. You could feel the energy from the dancers on stage, and if given the chance I know I would see it again.

If you are able to, seeing ABT at the Met is a wonderful thing. The dancers are like no others and no matter where you sit or what you see, you can't help but be enthralled by the beautiful dancing. ABT has one ballet left to their season, Whipped Cream, and if you can go, I recommend it.

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