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Myth vs. Fact - Shows on Broadway

There are a lot of myths about seeing shows on Broadway. And while some of these exist for reasons that are easy to understand, most of these aren't true. So, I'm here to debunk a few common myths about Broadway shows.

Myth - It's really expensive to see shows on Broadway.

Fact - It doesn't have to be expensive! While hit shows like Wicked, The Lion King, and Hamilton can cost a lot of money, those aren't the only things to see. You can rush shows, where tickets will usually cost less than $50, use apps like TodayTix and get heavily discounted tickets, or go to the TKTS booth.

Myth - Young people won't enjoy the theatre.

Fact - This one is about as far from true as you can get! While some people may prefer movies over live productions, the theatre is not just for old people. There is literally something for everyone.

Myth - Broadway actors make tons of money.

Fact - Sadly, this one isn't true. While people working on Broadway are making a respectable living, they aren't making millions like actors in Hollywood. Playbill did a breakdown of what actors, orchestra members, and stage managers make, which you can see here.

Myth - Broadway is dying.

Fact - While many people have the opinion that Broadway is dying, this is not true. Yes, shows have their challenges, and while some may not last as long as others, that does not mean Broadway is dying. Look at shows like Book of Mormon, Chicago, and Wicked for example. They've been here for a while and they're here to stay.

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