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Reaction to Seeing The Boys in the Band Again

This post is long overdue. Mainly because I went back to The Boys in the Band just six days after seeing it for the first time. While I often go to musicals multiple times, the only play I had previously seen twice was The Play That Goes Wrong, with several months in between each visit. But The Boys in the Band had an interesting and lasting effect.

The revival, done for the play's 50th anniversary, breathes life into a show that is not often dusted off and performed. The all star cast perfectly embody their characters, and drew me back to the show a mere six days later.

I couldn't shake off my initial awe of the production after my first visit and I was just as blown away the second time. The story resonates in a different way than it likely did when it was first performed, and it serves as a reminder of what we cannot do to people again,

With a cast that can likely relate in some way to their characters, you don't feel like you are watching people on stage. It feels as if you are looking in on the lives of these nine men, and feel the emotional swings that each of them feel. It is a testament to the talent and dedication of each cast member, but also to the team behind the show that wanted to bring it to light again.

Don't miss this one before it ends on August 11th. You will walk away with the performances you witnessed forever in your memory and you will want to go back again.

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