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Books and Movies I Would Love to See as Musicals

So many musicals are inspired by books, movies, or both! So here's the top four things I would love to see turned into fully fledged Broadway musicals.

1. Love Actually - I love this movie, and I don't know many people who don't. Similar to movies like Pretty Woman, I think it could lend itself to the stage in unexpected ways, though not much could top Hugh Grant dancing down the stairs. I think the movie has plenty of scenes and relationships that could easily lend it to being a musical.

2. Bombshell from "Smash" - While this is actually in development, I would love to see it come to fruition. In the show "Smash", the first season centers around the development of a musical called Bombshell about the life of Marilyn Monroe. It had a concert presentation three years ago, but I would love to see it finally reach Broadway in its fully developed form.

3. Disney's Hercules - While I do love all the Disney movies that have been turned into stage productions I would love to see Hercules on Broadway, purely because it's my favorite Disney movie and they always naturally lend themselves to the stage.

4. The Greatest Showman - while there's already been talk about turning this into a Broadway musical, I would love to see it happen for real. This has been one of the best movie musicals to be released in the past decade (up there with the likes of Mamma Mia), and it would fantastic on the stage.

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