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Going Back to Come From Away

I marked the ninth visit to Come From Away at the end of July, and I was glad that I did. After several months without seeing the show, I was excited to return, and most certainly did not regret it.

The entire cast still give flawless performances, and I was pleased to see Julie Reiber as Janice&Others for the third time. I am still blown away by the rest of the cast, Caesar Samayoa, Chad Kimball, Jenn Colella, Q Smith, Astrid Van Wieren, Geno Carr, Joel Hatch, De'Lon Grant, Petrina Bromley, Sharon Wheatley, and Lee MacDougall. Every time I go back to the show they impress me with their performances, and leave me wishing it hadn't ended.

The music still leave an effect on me, as despite the similar musical themes that stretch through the piece, the emotion that is shown in the singing and instrumentation is really unlike anything else.

In the end, this show still has an effect on me, and is still my favorite. Nothing truly compares to it, and it holds a very special place in my heart. Everyone should have the chance to be welcomed to the Rock and take in this marvelous work for themselves.

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