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REBEL GENIUS The New Musical

The shows we see on Broadway are a small percentage of the incredible works being created every year. One of those works is Rebel Genius, about a young and highly ambitious Albert Einstein as he falls in love with Mileva Maric and risks everything he has to find the perfect Unified Theory. A finalist for the 2017 Jonathan Larson Grant, a full production will be presented in 2019 at UCLA.

Before that however, two songs from the production were released in July, with Corey Cott and Hannah Elless playing the roles of Albert and Mileva, respectively.

"Faster" about the creation of the equation e=mc^2, is sung beautifully by Cott and Elless, both with incredible emotion. From the song, it seems that the show tackles the slight controversy over whether or not Maric helped Einstein with his work. The song is relatively fast paced and packs emotion and tension into into it's short three minutes.

"What Love Looks Like" is more of a romantic ballad between Albert and Mileva. Cott and Elless convey so much love in this song, that you can feel it radiating from your computer's speakers as you watch. It's a beautiful love song, and doesn't follow the typical cookie-cutter model for a love song, which makes it even better.

I hope this show has an incredible life, as it's only just the beginning. While I probably won't make it to California next year to see the first full production, I hope to see it on Broadway, off Broadway, or anywhere it between when it reaches New York.

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