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Everybody's Talking About Jamie: In Movie Theaters

Everybody's Talking About Jamie is a hit on the West End, having been nominated for several Olivier Awards and extending it's run several times. This November, Jamie made the jump across the pond, and to several other countries for screenings in select movie theaters. As a fan of the cast album, I jumped at the chance to see the show with the original London cast.

I went on the first day of showings, and to my surprise and delight, the movie theater was almost entirely full. Unlike most filmed theater productions, Jamie came with an intermission (aka an interval), which ended up being a good thing. During the interval, all everyone around me could talk about was when the show was going to come to Broadway.

The show itself is wonderful. I loved getting to see the action and hear the dialogue, as I know most of the song by heart from repeat listening to the cast album. Every performance was incredible, from the ensemble members to the leads. The show was clever, quick-paced, witty, and truly a show for today.

The message about coming out of the darkness and finding the place where you belong is just right for today's society and it should be seen and heard by many more people.

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