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Fra Fee at 54 Below

Currently wowing audiences eight times a week in The Ferryman at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, Fra Fee is no stranger to the stage. He's performed numerous parts in the West End, as well as having several roles on the big screen, notably in the 2012 adaption of Les Miserables. In October he made his Broadway debut as Michael Carney, and has now made his 54 Below debut with his solo show Seisún, an evening of story telling through music that ranges from musical theater to traditional Irish music, alongside some special guests.

It was a lovely evening, with fantastic songs, a fantastic band, and most of the cast of The Ferryman in attendance. Fee showed off his talents at several different instruments at various points of the evening, and each song was as incredible as the last. Highlights included "Streets of Dublin" from Man of No Importance, "Lesson #8/Move On" from Sunday in the Park with George with Scarlett Strallen, "Only Us" from Dear Evan Hansen with Laura Jane Matthewson, "Lakes of Pontchartrain" with Rachel Bay Jones, and Damien Dempsey's "Apple of My Eye."

Fee also talked openly about growing up gay in Northern Ireland, and his first Pride event where a photo of him kissing Killian Donnelly went viral. It was touching to hear his story, especially as he sang a song about these feelings that he said could have been written for him.

While there was no doubt that Fee is an incredible performer, especially noted by the fact that the show was completely sold out, he proved to have a warm personality that engaged everyone in the room. The relaxed atmosphere that came from it being a seisún made it feel like everyone in the room and onstage was a family, as we listened to Fee's stories and shared in the experience of getting to appreciate his talents. It was an incredible treat, and I will treasure that I got to share the evening with those around me. Here's hoping he comes back to 54 Below soon, and that one day he will share his musical talents with us on Broadway. Sláinte.

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