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Review: High Button Shoes at New York City Center's Encores

Though it was only for a few short days, New York City Center presented the final show in their Encores series, High Button Shoes. Featuring a talented cast and some of Jerome Robbins' original choreography, it was the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Leading the cast were Michael Urie and Betsy Wolfe, making the roles their own. They were joined by some fabulous Broadway mainstays and an incredible ensemble whose dancing pretty remarkable. The show found the best way to honor the original production by include original choreography in two numbers, that enhanced the production in the best possible way.

High Button Shoes is very much a musical of its time, and it by no means perfect. But the gorgeous classical score, great dancing, and great cast make for a fun afternoon that you would have been hard pressed to find anywhere other than New York City Center.

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