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Review: In the Green at LCT3

Grace McLean's In the Green, an inventive and psychological approach is taken when examining the life of Hildegard von Bingen, as she leaves her family at a young age to be entombed. It's a creative approach to the life of someone many don't know too much about.

The central theme of In The Green is digging, both literally and metaphorically. When Hildegard is entombed, she is broken (and played by three women) and she must find what is underground in order discover her light. She ends up uncovering repressed memories of Jutta, her cell mate, before realizing what she must do to become "whole."

Using vocal looping techniques, McLean has created a score that is quite stunning to listen to, though the messages and hidden meanings in the songs and dialogue don't always come across. So much of the show is centered on Hildegard becoming whole, that the ending, which sees the rest of her life told in a brief and compact manner.

What makes In The Green worth it is the incredible use of vocals and music, that is unlike anything else you'll hear in a show. But if you want to become clear on what happened in her life, maybe brush up with a brief biography before you go.

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