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Theater Etiquette

As an avid theatergoer, I know a decent amount about how one should behave in the theater. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when attending your first, fourth, or tenth Broadway show.

1. Don't be late- The time on your ticket is not a suggestion. The curtain will rise at the time it is scheduled to, maybe a minute or two later, but not a half hour later. Twice in the past month I've had experiences of people coming to shows late to Dear Evan Hansen and then to Waitress. If the first two songs in the show are over, you're way too late. While there can be unforeseen problems with traffic or the subway, always remember to give yourself plenty of time to arrive. One of the easiest ways to make sure this happens is to have lunch or dinner before the show, nearby the theater.

2. Food- Most theaters sell candy or drinks at the concession stands at the back of the orchestra or mezzanine. But please open your candy before the show starts or wait until intermission. You will annoy a lot of people if you rip open a candy bag in the middle of a song.

3. Phones- Remember how you're asked to turn of your cell phone at the beginning of a show? That is also not a suggestion. Phones are distracting, and no one wants to here your phone buzzing in the seat next to them.

4. Pictures- In every playbill it will say not to take pictures of videos. While there are bootlegs online and many people do record shows, please don't. You are likely to be discovered by an usher (or Glenn Close in the case of Sunset Boulevard) and it won't be fun. Also, live theater is live for a reason. If you want to watch a movie, go home to your couch and your Netflix.

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