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Ultimate Broadway Vacation

So you want to come to New York and see some shows? As someone who does the latter quite often, here's what I can recommend that should go on your Broadway vacation checklist.

1. Tickets to a show. While some people may prefer to see two or even three shows while in New York, other people can only see one. There are many good shows to see and if it's your first show you may want to opt for something that's been on for a while such as Wicked or Chicago. Otherwise, lots of newer shows are amazing right now such as Come From Away and Dear Evan Hansen.

2. A visit to Shubert Alley. Next to the Shubert Theater is Shubert Alley, one of my personal favorite spots in the city. There are posters for many of the show currently on Broadway and One Shubert Alley, a gift shop that sells shirts, posters, and other Broadway show collectibles.

3. Sardi's or Joe Allen. Both of these restaurants are very theater related. Sardi's walls are filled with caricatures of old and new Broadway actors. Joe Allen on the other hand has posters of failed Broadway shows on their walls and the front of their menu shows a map of all the Broadway theaters.

4. Schmackary's is a favorite among theater goers and actors alike. The desserts are affordable and there are many cookie flavors to choose from so everyone your with will be happy.

5. Triton Gallery offers the largest collection of Broadway posters, not just from shows on now, but from shows that have since closed and is a nice spot for someone who likes to have posters of their favorite shows.

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