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The Expert's Guide to Broadway

So at this point you've seen a lot of Broadway. Wow! In this post we'll go over some things regarding in theater etiquette, a little more stage door etiquette, and some friendly reminders.

When you're walking into a theater remember that you need to do two things. First, have your bag open for security to look at a keep your tickets out. They'll be scanned less then a minute after you enter the door, and you don't want to hold up the other theater goers by not being ready.

Once in your seat, see how many seats their are to the aisle on either side. If you need to get up before the show or during intermission, go the way which will make less people stand up.

When leaving the theater, if you plan on going to the stage door, don't push. You'll get there in a few minutes. Again, don't be rude or shove people at the stage door, you will get your playbill signed.

Lastly, just a couple of friendly reminders for in and out of the theater. When getting in line, don't cut other people as you'll all get in eventually. Be on time to the show, for the sake of those around you and because you want to see the whole show.

Enjoy your theater going experience! Keep your eyes open for more posts on new shows and developments in the theater world.

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