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Reaction to The Band's Visit

Following an Egyptian police band that arrives in Israel to play a concert, but end up stranded thanks to a border mix up, The Band's Visit seems like an unlikely musical. So I decided to watch as many clips as I could, look at production photos, and listen to songs from the show to give my honest reaction.

From production photos the staging seems simplistic with a rotating circle on the stage, similar to lots of productions such as Hamilton and Come From Away. The cast is also on the smaller side, similar to shows such as Dear Evan Hansen though not quite that small.

The off Broadway production of the show has won many awards, including four best musical awards. The production also featured a diverse cast, many of whom are returning for the Broadway run, and several of whom are Broadway alums.

Like other musicals these days, The Band's Visit is based of a film which can be hard to do well. However comparing film clips to photos from the musical, show very similar costuming and staging, hopefully meaning that they stay true to the storyline of the film.

I was able to hear a rendition of one song, which is sung by the female lead in the show. While the song is slow, and no where near your typical musical theater number, it is easy to tell that the music contains a lot of meaning.

Described as "celebrating the deeply human ways music and laughter connect us all" The Band's Visit will begin previews at the Ethel Barrymore Theater on October 7.

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