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Favorite Playbills from My Collection

While I have a large playbill collection, I do have some favorites. Below are pictures of my favorite playbills, and why they're my favorites.

1. All three of my Come From Away playbills- This show has a special place in my heart and I have playbills from both times I've seen the show, and one that I bought.

2. Hello, Dolly! playbill- Seeing this show was a great experience, and I was very happy to meet Kate Baldwin and Gavin Creel and have my playbill signed by them, as well as other cast members.

3. Anastasia playbill- This was the first time I stage-doored a show in several years and the cast was incredibly kind to everyone.

4. Aladdin playbill- This is from when I saw Aladdin, and it's the earliest pride playbill I have from June 2015 and it was a magical experience.

5. Dear Evan Hansen- This show also has special meaning to me and I was very lucky to see it with a friend and loved the show.

6. The Addams Family playbills- This was the first show I saw, and I have two playbills from that day. It was also special because I got to go backstage.

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