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Reaction to Roman Holiday

Above: Stephanie Styles singing "Use Your Imagination" from Roman Holiday - The Musical.

It's hard to turn a movie into a Broadway show. Take Amélie for example. The show was lovely, but it lacked what it needed to do incredibly well on Broadway. Roman Holiday - The Musical looks like it will be one of the next movie to stage musicals to hit the Broadway stages. I decided to look at clips, songs, and production photos from the show, as it had it's tryout in San Francisco earlier this summer.

The video above shows Stephanie Styles, who played Princess Anne singing Cole Porter's "Use Your Imagination". She not only has a lovely voice but the song fits well within her range and suits her character.

Production photos show a lavish and expansive set with pieces that set the scene well and ensure the audience can tell where the show is set. Additionally, the costumes show off the time period nicely, the movie was released in 1953 for those who didn't know, and the costuming of Styles and Drew Gehling is quite similar to the film.

The writers did add characters to the musical that were not in the film, in order to help the plot but mostly sticks to the storyline of the Audrey Hepburn movie.

According to producer Paul Blake, it's "about people who have choices to make". At the moment, there is no current opening date set for the production and no cast set for Broadway, though they appear to be aiming to arrive on Broadway during the 2017-18 season.

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