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Best Theater Related Memories - Part One

This is the first of two posts where I'll be sharing some of my favorite theater related memories. Whether it was something on the street, actually being at a show, or at the stage door. Enjoy!

1. When I was going to The Great Comet a few weeks ago, I was across the street from the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. Anyone who knows me, knows I am absolutely obsessed with Come From Away and the entire cast of the show. As I walked toward the Imperial Theatre, I noticed some people were sticking their heads out of one of the dressing rooms of the Schoenfeld. It took minute to realize but it was Jenn Colella and Q. Smith. If you watch any vlogs then you will have known that this happens, as it was often featured in Colella's Welcome to the Rock vlogs. They were waving and saying hello to 45th street so I waved back, and ran off to The Great Comet. It brightened up my day, as I absolutely adore Come From Away and most things to do with it make me pretty happy.

2. The first time I saw Come From Away, Josh Breckenridge was on for Rodney Hicks. When I was waiting at the stage door afterwards I got to meet a bunch of the cast. When he came out, he was really nice to everyone and complemented my new glasses which I had just gotten. It was really nice and left me with a smile on my face for the rest of the night.

3. While I was at Miss Saigon, we went to wait at the stage door afterwards. The little kid who had been on as Tam that day also came out with a little sharpie. While we were saying that he was a star, he was so happy, turning to his family and telling them.

I hope you liked Part One of my favorite theater memories. Part Two will be coming soon!

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