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My Stage Door Experiences Part Two

Stage doors are always fun. And since I've already shared some of my experiences I figured that I may as well share some more.

1. The second time I went to Come From Away I was able to meet several of the actors I had already met again. I also got to meet Joel Hatch who I didn't meet the first time, and one of the band members who came out and signed playbills.

2. The second time I saw The Great Comet, I met a lot more of the cast and I also met Ingrid Michaelson, who was one of the main reasons I went back to the show. Unfortunately, this incredible and innovative show will be closing September 3rd. I hope to visit the opera one last time.

3. When I saw Miss Saigon, I met a lot of the cast. I don't have a picture of my signed playbill here, but we got to have a lovely conversation with Lianah Sta. Ana who was on that night and she was so lovely! Elie Rapada who played Tam that night was adorable as he came out to sign playbills and turned to his parents saying "They said I'm a star!" as we told him that when he came out.

4. When I saw Hello, Dolly! I was lucky enough to meet David Hyde Pierce. While we weren't allowed to take pictures with him, the one thing I did notice was his shirt. For those of you who don't know, he was one of the original cast members of Spamalot which I am a very big fan of. The show not only won best musical at the 2005 Tony Awards, but awards were given to the incomparable Sara Ramirez for her performance as The Lady of the Lake, and Mike Nichols for his direction of the show. Not to mention the fact that it had 14 nominations at the Tonys. That aside, Pierce came out wearing a Spamalot shirt, and when he got to where I was standing I, as well as several people around me, said that I like his shirt.

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