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BroadwayHD: Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary

When The Phantom of the Opera turned 25 in 2011, a special anniversary concert was held at the Royal Albert Hall in London to commemorate the occasion. But it wasn't just a concert, it was Phantom on a much greater scale.

The anniversary concert starred Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess, probably the only two people practically everyone who loves Phantom want to see as Phantom and Christine. Hadley Fraser played Raoul, and Daisy Maywood also shone as Meg Giry.

The absolute scale of the production was amazing to see as the camera panned over the hall and stage. Despite having seen the show live at the Majestic Theatre, I was blown away at how the show filled the large space.

The cast was of course an all-star cast with some of the best performers having gathered to celebrate the anniversary of what is arguably Andrew Lloyd Webber's best work. So why did I watch the video when the actual event happened six years ago? Well that is because I do love Phantom. Seeing it live was an incredible experience and getting to see some of my favorite songs redone during Prince of Broadway was another thing that reminded me of my love for the show.

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