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Seeing a show from Standing Room Only

It's always nice to sit down. However, sometimes when you want to see a Broadway show, you need to rush or buy a standing room ticket. So, in order to see Come From Away again I decided to head down to the box office around ten in the morning and buy a ticket.

First thing I noticed is the line. Not just outside the Schoenfeld Theatre, but outside most of the theaters. Once the box office opened at 10 AM, the line moved pretty quickly to begin to wrap around the inside of the box office. I was lucky enough to pick a two show day to do this on so that even if the matinee was sold out I would be able to go to the evening show.

From the time I got in the line to the time I got my ticket, it was about 35 minutes. Despite the cold it wasn't a bad wait and moved quickly. If you're in the city and want to see a show without paying the premium, getting a standing room only ticket or rush ticket is a good option.

A lot of people probably think that standing through a show would only make your feet hurt. However, I didn't find this a difficult show to stand through. Seeing as it is only a one act show, and it is less than 2 hours, it's very easy to stand up, especially with the railing to lean on.

I would highly recommend getting a standing room ticket for a show like this. Whether you do it for Come From Away or another show it's not a bad thing in the slightest.

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